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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel


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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel With 13 Relay Modules Included The Smart Home panel has been designed...Click Here

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel With 13 Relay Modules Included

The Smart Home panel has been designed specifically for the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ecosystem. A Delta Pro Ecosystem enables you to connect your portable power station straight into your home's wiring.

Why create a Delta Pro and Smart Home Panel Ecosystem?

If in the unfortunate event that your power is temporarily interrupted due to a natural disaster or there is a power failure at the local grid, you could find yourself in complete darkness without heating and no way to make a hot drink or charge your mobile phone. The EcoFlow Smart Panel will automatically switch over the source of power if there is a mains outage, meaning you can stay connected until the power is restored.

You are able to easily monitor and control your energy usage through the EcoFlow app where you can adjust charging rates, turn off relays to avoid wasting the stored power.

The Smart Panel and Ecosystem is not just for outages but you can also use the stored power during the times where the rates are high, enabling you to reduce your monthly traditional energy bills. You can also add solar panels to the ecosystem which would further reduce your monthly energy bills.

Key Features of the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel:

  • 240V Output Voltage
  • 10 Controlled Circuits
  • Wall Mount Installation
  • Rate Current 6A, 16A, 30A
  • IP Code IP20
  • Connects to EcoFlow App
  • Peak Rate Avoidance

What's included with the Smart Home Panel?:

  • 1 x Smart Home Panel
  • 1 x Infinity Cable
  • 1 x Wall Mount Set
  • 1 x Wire Connector Set
  • 1 x User Manual

Dimensions of the Ecoflow Smart Home Panel:

  • Length (L) cm 46
  • Width (W) cm 33
  • Depth (D) cm 12
  • Weight 9 kg

Smart Home Panel Only will require Relay Module to work, but we have the model with relays included here.

How it all comes together.

The DELTA Pro Ecosystem all links together with the Smart Home Panel at its heart.


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